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We are building the learning ecosystem of tomorrow

The future is around the corner and we are still condemned to a learning system that was created over 500 years ago. Our children are spending precious moments on skills that will be redundant within no time. They are being prepared for the types of jobs that we do not know yet. So, instead of ignoring the inevitable, we went for the jugular.

We created Lurny

Read the 5 ideas that have converged to create the learning ecosystem of the future

Idea #1: Break down all knowledge to little pieces (Stubs)!

We are bringing down the mausoleum to build something new. No one-off process improvements. We are creating something as innovative as the email that disrupted the Postal service. We began by breaking down knowledge to bite-sized learning objects. What theorists term as micro-learning objects.

Really, why is that when all information around us is being delivered to us in miniscule formats to make it easier for us to consume, knowledge continues its conformity to boring standards?

So here is what we are doing. We are splicing up all knowledge into micro-sized, easily consumable elements.
We call these pieces Stubs.

Idea #2: Make Stubs shareable, re-usable and repurposable

We are social animals. We love to hunt. We love to discover. We love to share our discoveries with our community. Isn't that what we are doing most of the day? Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, WhatsApp, GitHub - all bear testimony to our social proclivities.

  • We are now making it possible for you
  • To share and re-share knowledge to the world as stubs. Just like how you would a Facebook post, a Tweet or a WhatsApp message.
  • To repurpose these stubs. So a Math stub could be repurposed to be used for learning Social Science.
  • To reuse these stubs so that you don't have to keep publishing the same content over and over again

Idea #3: Make Stubs configurable and re-configurable

What we loved about Lego© blocks was that we could form an airplane and then break them up and recombine them to build a dinosaur. The freedom to build, breakup and then rebuilding something is critical to learning.

The same principle is at the core of Lurny - the future learning ecosystem - where learners get to create their own courses, modules and design their own or clone their favourite learning paths.

Idea #4: Make Stubs learnable!

This is a learning platform, no?

We are not being cliched here. Honestly, you get to actually learn from the Stubs that you have marked for learning. There are scores of learning systems that attempt at showing the horse the water, we actually help you to drink it. And you have bookmarking applications that help you bookmark pages and highlight content.

We use a Spaced Repetition algorithm that will help you actually learn at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Idea #5: The Gurus own it all!

We probably saved the best idea for the last. Imagine a university where the academics owned everything, not just the content that they create, but the buildings and lawns and everything tangible and intangible.

That's our greatest idea and our dream. Unlike the gargantuan content driven online portals like Facebook and its ilk, where content creators don't own anything but are driven by upvotes and badges to contribute selflessly, in the Lurny ecosystem, content contributors own both the content and thereby, a piece of the equity also.

If you are an expert in any field and would like to share your knowledge, then Click Here

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Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

What is a Lurny?

"A personalized chunk of knowledge that can be learnt
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To Lurnify the world's knowledge - reducing all knowledge to tiny bites called Stubs that can be consumed, shared, stored, re-used and re-configured to form personalized chunks of knowledge



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